Performance Card


You must be a member and your horse must be registered into AAHA.

If you are not a member and do not have your horsea Become a member and register your horse
either by printing off the “printable forms” or pay and apply on line.

Performance Cards are issued, one card for member/horse that is performing. You may choose a family pack or individual cards.

Points follow the horse and are assigned to the horse which the member has applied for in the horse’s registered name.

More then one person may ride the horse and compete if listed in the Family Rate Performance Card.

You may print off the Performace Card application and mail into AAHA.

You may Pay On Line with Pay Pal, then return to this page and fill out the information form below and submit on line.

You may show in any open show, 4-H show or in any event you have listed on the form.

You will receive a log to have the steward or show supervisor sign. You will return this log the end of November/first part of December. AAHA will calulate the points and list the results on the web for end of the year awards.