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Horse Lip Tattoo Searches
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Appendix horse lip tattoo search $50.00

Thoroughbred horse lip tattoo search $60.00

Before you pay for either of these searches, please look at the lip tattoo closely.

An Appendix lip tattoo usually will have four or five number and a letter: Example 4545A

Sometimes, there will be just 5 numbers, but usually there is 4 or 5 number and a letter.

The letter doesn’t indicate anything.

For a Thoroughbred lip tattoo it is usually a letter and then four number, sometimes 5 and can have 5 numbers, but usually a letter and then 4 numbers. The letter at the beginning of the tattoo indicates the year the horse was born: Example L2323 (the ‘L indicates 2008)

In 1997 the letter ‘A was used and when the letter ‘Z is used, they will start all over. Reasoning that the horse will be deceased by the age of 25.

Most horse’s that have lip tattoos have been on the race track. Many race horses are sold, a lot of times without papers. These horse are usually Appendix horses and the plight of the Appendix horse goes on. This association wants to give these horse an association that belongs to just the Appendix horse.

When you submit a tattoo search the age and color of the horse is very important to the search. We match the age and color to the tattoo number to find the pedigree of the horse.

If we find the pedigree, we will mail the pedigree to you.

A pedigree search usually takes 5 to 10 business days. If we do not find the horse’s pedigree on the first search, you can look again at the tattoo and we will try whatever numbers and letters you come up with. Once, we start a search, we will not refund any money even if we do not find a pedigree. We are looking for the pedigree with the information you give us and will not be responsible for any errors when matching the horse to a tattoo number.

We offer this service to find Appendix horse sold without papers to give them back their pedigree and to offer the owner of the horse an avenue to register the horse back into a horse organization designed just for the Appendix horse. If you do not find a pedigree, you can register with a Hardship Registration. For more information about Hardship qualifications follow this link… Click Here: Hardship Qualifications

Rush order will place your order to the front of the daily tattoo search orders that come in. We will try to have your search within 2 or 3 days and mail it to you using Express Mail (at your cost). $20.00

Appendix Horse Tattoo Information

Information about how to look at the tattoo and what to look for in a tattoo to find the pedigree of your horse.

If you prefer to print the forms off and mail into AAHA
click here: AAHA Forms

Cost of Tattoo Search:

  • Appendix $50.00
  • Thoroughbred $60.00
  • This is just for a basic search of the horse, to find it’s pedigree.
  • If AAHA does not find a pedigree, you may apply for Hardship papers. The Hardship Consideration cost if you have already paid for a Tattoo Search with no results is $45.00 plus $5.00=$50.00 total. You will receive a one year Membership free of charge for the first year.
  • If the horse is a Thoroughbred, you may enroll the horse for $15.00, but the membership is not free.
  • If you want more information about the horse then the pedigree the cost is substantially more, call for details.

Does Your Horse Have A Lip Tattoo?

  • If your horse has a lip tattoo, chances are the horse is off the race track.
  • Racing Quarter horses are tattooed on their upper lip.
  • If the horse does not perform on the race track, then the horse is usually sold.
  • Sometimes the papers are not sold with the horse and the pedigree is lost.
  • A horse that is coded appendix in the American Quarter horse Association are not usually sold with papers because the bloodlines end when the horse does not ROM or register of merit into the American Quarter horse Association.
  • The tattoo is a way of finding the bloodline pedigree of the horse.
  • If AAHA finds the horse and the horse is an Appendix horse, you should consider registering the horse with the American Appendix Horse Association.

What You Need To Do To Find Your Horse’s Pedigree

  • You may call or e-mail or mail the American Appendix Horse Association the following information.
  • The tattoo number
  • Color of horse
  • Marking on horse
  • Approximate age of horse
  • Any information about the horse
  • If you can not read the tattoo use a black light in a dark stall or barn area, the black light will help you read those letters or numbers that you are not sure what they look like.
  • Not all horses with tattoos are Appendix horses, the Arabs, Standard bred, Paints and Jockey Clubs Thoroughbreds are also tattooed.
  • Usually, the tattoos are for the racing industry, but some of the registries require the tattoos.
  • AAHA will help you find your horse if the horse is either a Thoroughbred or Appendix.
  • This is a time consuming task and the search will usually take time to find your horse, if you can come up with the correct letters and numbers on the horse’s lip. The tattoo should read four or five numbers and a letter if the horse is an Appendix quarter horse and the tattoo will begin with a letter and then four or five numbers if the horse is a Thoroughbred.
  • You might be contact to look again at the tattoo and make some adjustments to what you believe that numbers or letters look like in a better light.

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