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"The Best Of Two Breeds"
TB/QH Cross

Can you look your horse in the eye and tell them that they are not registered? 

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 We can help you register your horse today.

Value added membership packages

Life Time membership......$225.00
includes the following in package

life time services always available.

Logo hat & t-shirt ($40 value)

One horse registration ($55-$95)

(Can be a regular or hardship registration)

Current year Performance Card for that horse ($20 value)

This is a
$120.00 value making your
Life Time Membership & horse registration  
  less then a 
 One Year
and then
registering one horse. 

Register Now

Membership certificate, logo hat, logo shirt

5 Yr. Membership Packages

 Package deal   $165.00 

Logo Hat ($20 value)
Performance Card ($20 value)
1  horse registration ($55 value)

(Can be either regular or hardship registration)

This package saves you $45 and you will not need to renew membership for 5 years saving you an additional $60

Join Now 5 Yr Package

3 Yr. Membership Packages

Package deal  $115.00


Logo hat ($20 value)
1 horse registration ($55 value)

(Can be either regular or hardship registration)

This package saves you $55 and you will not need to renew your membership for 3 years savings you an additional $60

             Join Now 3 Yr

Regular Registration of a horse
Regular Registration

any age of horse

catcha blue jet stallion

AAHA offers official registration of a Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred cross of any degree.  We send you a beautiful certificate with all the horse's information including the picture of the horse.  The transfer of ownership is located on the back of the Registration Certificate to make it easy to sell and transfer the horse's ownership.

Hardship Registration
Hardship Registration

Logo horse for the American Appendix Horse Association
AAHA offers a hardship registration so you can register your horse(s) that do not have a pedigree or only one side of the pedigree

DNA Services
$58.00 includes
the kit & processing fee

DNA kit & processing fee

AAHA offers DNA kits and DNA testing with UCLA.  If you have already DNA the horse in another horse registry such as AQHA, we have an agreement that we honor each others DNA testing, so you do not need to DNA again in this registry.  Just provided the DNA number.

Store item for sale

AAHA offers logo hat, T-shirts, Sweat shirt, Jackets and logo Knives.
Coming soon and lots of other links to shop special places with a discount for being a member.  This is coming soon.

Member Signup
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AAHA offers a

One year Membership $55.00 (this is a reoccurring membership)

Three Year Membership $95.00
(includes a logo hat, a $20 value)
Five Year Membership $110.00
(includes a logo hat, Performance Card a $40 value)

 Life Time Membership $225.00
(includes a logo hat, t shirt, Performance Card and one horse registration either a regular or hardship registration a $95 to $115 value depending on the horse registration)

Youth Membership $65.00
(three years) must be under 18 years of age

 Charter Membership $150.00
Charter Membership includes one horse registration and you can receive commissions for signing up new members and registering their horses.  This is a five year membership and will need to renewed.  

Stallion Services

Stallion Breeding Report
$50.00 set up
$10.00 per stallion annually
$3.00 per mare annually

AAHA offers Stallion Breeding Reporting.  This allows you to give the mare owners that your stallion has serviced a breeding certificate so they know the offspring of their mare is eligible for registration into AAHA.

Performance Card 

Event & Points 
with a
Performance C
$25.00 annually per horse

AAHA offers a Performance Card so you can go to any event and turn in your Performance log for end of the year points and rewards.  Points go to the horse.

Tattoo Search with Membership

AAHA offers lip tattoo searches for horse(s).  This is a free service if you become a member.  We help to locate a pedigree for your horse.  We then offer to register your horse into your name with or without a pedigree.

The Best Of Two Breeds